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A Boat Named Blind Faith

Written by emerging author Norman Philip Jeddeloh, a former trial attorney and now strategic planner,
A Boat Named Blind Faith
chronicles a hero's unexpected brush with the occult.

Marco Adamos is an unmarried, 40-year-old theoretical physicist whose career is at a crossroads. After a year of dead-end research in New Mexico, he returns to Chicago and cajoles a friend, Frank Douglas, to go sailing on Lake Michigan.

While cutting through unusually choppy waters, Marco and Frank encounter another sailboat, Blind Faith, piloted by two men dressed in black robes with pointed hats. But it’s the beautiful woman accompanying them who captivates Marco. Across the waves, their eyes meet in a fleeting but astonishingly intimate embrace before the boats sail out of sight. Back on shore, Marco is obsessed with finding her again.

The pursuit leads Marco to unexpectedly dark places, including a brush with the occult when he is captured by a sadistic witch’s coven. To escape, Marco must rely on luck and his physical prowess. But to find love and save his career, he needs to call upon his scientific intellect, not the blind faith of his captors.


Norman Philip Jeddeloh

“Norm is an “ol salt” whose been sailing on Lake Michigan in all kinds of weather and all sorts of vessels for 45 years.”I’ve not learned much about sailing,” he says with a laugh, “but I’m terrific when it comes to what wine goes with what kind of day.” In his earier life, he was a litigation attorney in federal court in Chicago and around the country. Now he’s turned to writing and doing strategic planning for not-for-profit organizations. He lives in downtown Chicago with his husband of 7 years and various foregin exchange students who visit regularly.